To be clear, we’re not going to talk about the debate until the next post. Things happened yesterday and today before the debate. Eric Trump declared himself part of the LGBTQ community. Yesterday Biden lead in PA by 9%. In fact, four new polls put it at 5-9% for Biden.

So the state of the race? RCP says Biden by 6.1% nationally. That’s 2.4% better than Hillary’s 3.7% at this point. 538 says the race is 7.1% in the favor of Biden. Nothing is changing in this race. At least not in the polls. The race has remained stagnant for months, and events to this point haven’t done much.

The debate day pre-spin centered around silly season topics. Ear pieces, drug tests, and other ridiculous topics dominated the day. In what was a prelude to an embarrassing night, the day was a joke.

Lots in the morning…

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