A different time…

So, where’s the race at? The NBC/Washington Post poll put Biden up 14% today. In fact, just one national poll puts the race within margin of error. The RCP national average is Biden by 8.1%. At 538, they have it at 8%. What’s fueling Biden’s lead? Seniors. Trump’s implosion with older voters is driving him down in every swing state and driving down the gap between national polling and swing states.

The big news this afternoon is Pat Toomey deciding to retire in 2022. His run for governor had almost been assumed in Pennsylvania circles, so not running for Senate again isn’t a shock. Passing on both is a huge surprise. The question is why? Was he worried about a right-wing challenge from State Senator Mastriano or others? Was the upcoming ACB vote simply polling too poorly for him? Did he see a bad poll versus Attorney General Shapiro? Is he just tired, 22 years after being elected to the House? We just won’t know.

Here’s another interesting read for you. Could something be brewing in Hazleton? Keep your ears to this.

And for all of you who hate Blue Dogs. We better get Rep. Collin Peterson re-elected, whether you like it or not.

Remember this story about former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale? It really wasn’t that long ago…

We’ll have more later tonight.

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