The state of the race…

The first of three in the next few hours…

Well, it’s a laugher. The RCP average is now Biden by 9.7%. He hasn’t lead a poll they count by less than 8% this month. His lead is 4.4% larger than Hillary’s at this point in 2016. 538 has it at 9.8% for Biden. We have not had a race like this in the 21st century. To find an incumbent this far down, maybe you’re looking at 1980. Even then it was more in question.

A double-digit race nationally isn’t an electoral nail biter. There’s a pretty good chance in this kind of race that Joe Biden surpasses 350 electoral votes. You start talking about Iowa, Georgia, and Texas going blue. Do I think the race ends this way? No. But the race is not the race people thought even eight months ago. South Carolina or Missouri going blue becomes more likely than New Hampshire going red. Considerably more.

Utah Senator Mike Lee says democracy isn’t the goal. The sad thing is I think he was being honest here. The GOP would rather have their way than have democracy. We’re not long for having a country if that’s the case.

Some better news. Pearl Jam did an event with Dr. Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff for the Biden-Harris ticket. I saw Pearl Jam in 1998 at the Garden. It was epic.

More coming…

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