And down the stretch they come…

Another day, no changes. RCP shows two new polls, with Biden at 8% and 11% up, leading to a 10.2% average lead in the polls. Again, for reference, Hillary won by 2.1% in the popular vote, but lost the six closest states by roughly 450k votes. Biden’s lead is 3.1% bigger than Hillary’s at this point. His approval is in the 50’s now though, as is his polling head-to-head. This is a bigger, more durable lead. 538 puts the race at 10.4%, with Biden over 52%. There simply is no precedent for this kind of lead for a challenger recently. The Economist gives Biden a 91% chance to win, and predicts him to win 347 electoral votes. Donald Trump’s campaign is a mess.

There is an alternative universe on twitter though, one that is convinced Donald Trump is not only going to win, but he’ll win bigger than 2016. Never mind the lack of evidence, his opponent’s strength against him, or his financial deficit. They believe in “secret” Trump voters, polling biases, and of course, Santa Claus. The question I ask myself is if they’re just coping, or stupid. Of course I could ask if Democrats still hyperventilating are coping or stupid too.

Lots more tomorrow…

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