Almost there…

Happy what should’ve been the second debate night. Instead you got two town halls tonight. Biden’s was basically what you expect, with mostly normal questions and answers. The biggest “news” was that he would have a position on adding judges to the Supreme Court once the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation fight is over. Meanwhile the Trump town hall was basically a dumpster fire where he downplayed Covid and masks. It went so well for him that his staff and supporters complained about the moderator and compared Biden to Mr. Rogers.

Over on Capitol Hill, the ACB confirmation hearings basically ended today. She failed to agree that Presidents can’t unilaterally cancel elections, or agree that climate change is settled in the scientific community, or to say voter intimidation is unconstitutional, or agree that Roe v. Wade is settled law. She’s a lunatic. She’s unfit for the bench. She’ll be confirmed, but she’s embarrassing.

So, the state of the race. 538 has it at 10.5%. This is becoming steady. RCP has Biden by 9.4%. That’s also 3.4% better than Hillary’s margin at this point. In both averages, Biden clears 51% and Trump sits around 42%. The Economist model sits with Biden at 91% likelihood to win the electoral college, 99% to win the popular vote, and likely to win 343 electoral votes. That’s not so competitive.

The sad part of today was both getting official word that Senator Harris was coming to Allentown on Saturday, and then that she’s cancelled her weekend travel. Definitely deflating. May something good happen tomorrow.

More tomorrow…

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