Every morning…

The one sure thing in this campaign is that after every debate, interview, or town hall the Trump campaign takes part in, they’ll complain about the moderator or interviewer. They’re all too mean, their questions too hard, they used the President’s words, or they were too aggressive. You’d almost think the Trump campaign is trying to cover for their candidate not knowing anything about what he’s talking about. They agreed to a town hall with NBC for last night, then spent all day complaining about the moderator.

538 shows no change in the race, with Biden up 10.5%. It was a big day for Trump with RCP, as he’s within 8.9% now. Compared to 2016, he’s 3.1% worse though. Over at the Economist things are unchanged, with Biden winning 343 electoral votes and have a 91% chance of victory. It’s not looking close.

Of course in crackpot land, it’s competitive. They’re pointing at voter registration, a lagging indicator, and giving at least as much credence there as polls, fundraising, and ballot requests. You know though, the crooked pollsters are skewed.

Joni Ernst, the Iowa Senator who became famous for her ads about crushing bull “balls” doesn’t know the price of soy beans. So much for being a farm girl. Turns out she went Washington these last six years.

More tomorrow…

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