This was fun…

There’s something really inspiring about GOTV weekend in an election. It doesn’t matter if it’s John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on a staff call, or a call full of friends driving in from New York. Maybe it’s a visit from Kamala Harris, or walking your neighborhood in the cool of night dropping lit. Sure, there’s fire drills like running wires for the speakers for an Andrew Yang event across the Valley, but what fun is the easy stuff? The fun in this part of campaigns is just how hard they are. Playoff games aren’t regular season games. You do a lot of crazy stuff, but they actually matter more now. It’s exhausting, but it’s nice. That’s really true in Easton, the county seat of maybe the most swing county in the most swing state. It’s close enough geographically to draw people from New York, New Jersey, and even New England. It’s important enough to get their interest in the first place.

The state of the race? 538 says Biden by 8.5%, and gives him 89% odds to win. The Economist gives Biden 95% odds to win. RCP says Biden is up 7.2%. They put him up in all six major swing states. 538 does the same, plus predicts a Biden win in Georgia. The RCP average, when compared to 2016, shows Biden doing 5% better. In short, there’s a clear favorite.

You think I’m tired?

This poll says this, this “anonymous source” says that. Hint: all lies this close. What writer is going to write “this is a blowout” if they want you to read their stuff? What campaign will tell you that if they want you to keep donating and volunteering? I guess what I’m saying is don’t treat this as anything less than industry. If you’re passionate, you’re the consumer, and the consumer must stay engaged. Let’s leave it there for now…

I took a lot of pride in watching my Northampton and Lehigh County Executives on the global stage this weekend. I worked hard to elect these guys. One was on MSNBC assuring the world we could count votes fairly here. The other was on BBC telling the world about who we are here. It’s kind of wild watching this. I’ve turned down a lot of interviews this year, then watched the world I played a part in building tell the story I wanted told, while I worked on this. I started here 18 years ago. Maybe I’ve come full circle now.

More tomorrow…

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