Well, there’s my final predictions. Just over ten months after I joined the campaign, I have it at 369-169. I changed my mind on Iowa, but nothing else really. I’m also predicting Democrats win 51-52 Senate seats and pick up 15 House seats. Now we wait…

Well, this is it. Four years after the strangest, most shocking election of our time, we’re back. While the blue checks are arguing about exit polls on Twitter, the last surge of voters are heading to vote after work on the east coast. The only way this race is a surprise tonight is if the polls were massively off. That’s always been the case, as far back as February 29th, when Joe won South Carolina. Donald Trump has been screwed since.

The question tonight is not literally is Joe 75k votes better in three states than Hillary was. This is a different race. Remember this as we watch.

Polls are closing as we speak. You will get the “0 post” from me later tonight. I’m feeling good though. This long, strange journey is ending finally, and life can move on to honesty. I have lots of thoughts about this campaign, and how it was waged, some good and some not. Judgment has arrived. I believe this campaign is far better than what we did in 2008. More to come…

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