The People You Will Meet…

I’ve been doing political campaigns for 20 years. I’ve found several basic types drawn to politics in that time.

  1. People that want to be important- this is self explanatory, it’s all about egos. They love hearing themselves talk. They’re pretty sure they could do every job in government better than everybody else, despite no special expertise. They want to be in the news at all times. God sent them to lead. They’re gasbags.
  2. Edgelords- everybody in the government always sucks, and they’re going to come along and overthrow the whole system, because they’re bold. They’ve been here for 5 minutes and they’re telling you how you could do your job better. And how that thing you did that was really awesome, it actually sucks. You don’t know what you’re doing, follow them and you’ll see how to fix all the world’s problems faster than “90 Day Fiancé.”
  3. Saviors- they’re going to save the world, just ask them. Because, you know, the last folks who came along planning to do this didn’t “try hard enough,” or something. They’ve got a plan for everything, just ask them. The Messiah has arrived!
  4. Legit elites- Do you know where my degree is from? Do you know what member of Congress I worked for? Bro, do you know who I am? Seriously though, in almost every case their parents paid for their Capitol Hill apartment, which explains how they took a $35k a year job in DC.
  5. Trolls and Insurrectionists- I’m not going to talk about these people, because they almost certainly have a gun and will kill me. I’m not as about that life as I was in 2016.
  6. Neckbeards- The dude in the Center City coffee shop that’s really caught up in philosophy. Like, really…

There’s plenty of good and competent people around too. They take their time, learn how to navigate the system to get things done. They’re smart. Maybe they’re a little less inspiring to you, but they do a basically good job. To be honest, you may never even notice them. They may have started as one or more of the first six types. We don’t thank these folks enough…

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