2/14/2022 Travel Across America

Yesterday I took the longest flight of my life- 5 hours from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. This is my first time in the west, and the flight mostly didn’t disappoint. It marked the furthest point west I’ve ever reached, and I saw a lot of things for the first time. no matter how many times I fly over the Midwest, it’ll still be cool to me to look over the farms for as far as the eye can see. Then we finally hit Colorado, and I was legitimately disappointed- until we actually hit the Rockies. Looking down at those mountains was officially one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen in my life. Utah and Nevada’s mix of desert and mountains were pretty breathtaking too. The only real mistake I made was doing leg day at the gym the day before a long flight. 6’1” people don’t have legs made to be crunched in like that.

So then there’s Vegas itself, which is definitely the most unique place I’ve been to. Basically when you fly in, you’re in the desert, then you see a little water, then a couple minutes later you leave the desert and are immediately landing in a city. It’s not like Chicago or Philadelphia, where you start seeing suburbs below you, then a city in the distance, then you are there. This was just middle-of-nowhere nothing to city, no in-between. That’s only the beginning of the uniqueness though. As I left the car rental place, the first thing I saw was an anti-circumcision billboard. I got to my place, in a neighborhood packed with bailbonds and marriage chapel places (I’m near the courthouse)- and of course it’s Valentine’s Day, so you can imagine how that was. Finally I took a walk and found a restaurant, Dona Maria Tamales. I had the carnitas taco, a crab enchilada, a seafood enchilada, two Modelo’s, and the whole chips and salsa. It’s a 10/10, I highly recommend it. I was asleep by 8:30 pm local time, after an 18.5 hour day. It was good because I was up early this morning.

My initial thoughts on the Super Bowl? Halftime show great, game weak. Having Dr. Dre and his stable of rap legends play the Super Bowl was the equivalent for hip hop of when Paul McCartney or the Stones played. The show was great, Snoop Dogg is the coolest man in America, and I thought everyone was good. As for the game, of course the refs threw two weak flags at the end that helped LA. Sean McVey has been pushed on us as a genius since he was hired, he needed a win to legitimize that. The game was in LA, the halftime show was a tribute to LA, and the game had to go to LA. Was it rigged? No, if Cincy had killed them, the refs wouldn’t have done anything about it. It was close though, and it went how the NFL wanted it to go. Maybe the fans will sit through the banner ceremony? Doubt it.

Political news? There’s not a whole lot. Back home in Pennsylvania, the redistricting maps all seem bound for court, with the Congressional maps already in front of the PA Supreme Court. This isn’t stopping candidates locally from entering state legislative contests. There appears to be a State Senate primary brewing over in the Allentown-based Senate District 14 for the Democrats. Some party leaders seem to want one in the 137th House District as well, but so far there’s only one candidate. Also keep an eye on House District 22 for a Democratic Primary as well. But for the moment, things are quiet (mostly), because the process is not done.

That’s all for now. It’s a breezy 61 in Las Vegas this morning. Time to get some stuff done.

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