2/17 Functional

Yesterday was the least exciting day I’ve had out west. I slept a lot. I got a haircut. I got my gym membership straightened out. I did some work. There really wasn’t much to it. So I won’t write too much about yesterday. It was pleasant.

Today, New Jersey will approve their state legislative maps. You can read about it here. The cliff notes version- they were willing to put some veteran legislators against each other, and give the new assembly and senate Republicans marginally better seats. What this means is a few seats will open up in 2023 primaries, particularly on the senate side, but Democrats simply played to sure up their margins in the seats they need to continue holding a comfortable majority. No big news here.

Sunday is the NBA All-Star Game and the Daytona 500. I’m a bigger basketball fan, but Daytona is what I’ll watch.

The MLBPA and baseball’s owners met for a whole 20 minutes yesterday. MLB’s owners need to cave. They screwed the players last deal and then locked them out. Baseball has been making record breaking profits, other than 2020, and the players share has actually been in decline because of carve outs for the owners. Give the owners their expanded playoffs, give the players a better cut than they have, get back to playing. Baseball will be gravely harmed if games are missed for a second time in three years.

Until tomorrow…

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