3/9 Wow

$8.98. Seriously. That’s what the above costs at Mandy’s Cafe at the Poker Palace Casino in North Las Vegas. It’s way below market priced prime rib that was really big and really good, all to get you in the door. It worked. I’m glad it did. Next time I’ll hit up the Sportsbook too.

I want to talk about two things quickly- let’s start with inflation, which is getting plenty of press this year. To hear some people tell it, government spending, Covid regulations, supply chain issues, or corporate greed might be the reason for it. It’s important to understand that’s almost all BS though. Inflation right now is not the result of government policy. Inflation is an issue in America, but it’s also an issue in Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit UK, in war torn Eastern Europe, and across Asia. The truth is it is largely supply and demand. Demand boomed when people started leaving the house again last year. Higher demand means higher prices. Yes, that demand was partially primed up by the government getting money into the hands of people during the pandemic, but inflation is high in both countries that gave out free money and countries that didn’t. And yes again, the trouble employers have had filling key supply chain roles, both because of demand for higher wages and Covid, has had a real impact. With that said, supply chain issues have been happening in both high and low wage countries since the pandemic, and inflation is an issue even in countries with less problems. Basically we’ve been re-opening from a global pandemic, and the return of consumption in our economy has risen prices.people are back working, back out in the economy, and back spending. Two years ago, right about now, none of that was happening anywhere. So yes, prices are rising regardless of whether you have a left or right wing government.

Ok, now let’s talk about gas prices. They are going up, and it hurts. There is no question it is hurting average people. So why is it happening? Some say corporate greed, which is always a thing, but no. Others say it’s because we’re not pumping enough oil out of the ground, which is silly, because we’re not pumping out any less than we were two months ago, when gas was a solid dollar cheaper. Other people want to blame it on the war in the Ukraine, which is only partially right. The fact is that the war has not stopped Russian energy production in any major way, nor production in any other country. What is happening is investors are taking stock of where they think the future is going, and readjusting their portfolios to fit that new reality. Investors think Russia may become a pariah state that has troubles selling its oil into the market the way it has. It’s pipeline to Germany is currently scrapped, and European and American regulators are banning them from markets. The cheapest oil is the freest flowing oil. Investors see these barriers to the Russian market as a hindrance. Basically, they don’t like the direction of things. So the price of oil rises.

So Aaron Rodgers took Green Bay’s money after all. John Elway still got his man with Russell Wilson going to Denver. Now you’ll see teams turn their attention towards QB’s like Watson, Wentz, Bridgewater, and Jimmy G. And of course the Brady rumors will persist until they don’t. For teams like my Eagles, who should not be settled at the QB position, they’ll be linked to everything, I’m sure. I’m definitely open to them bringing in an upgrade at QB, or really any number of other positions- I am not swayed by their playoff appearance last season, I still think this team is miles away. With Rodgers and Wilson off the board as options, I don’t see any option available by draft, free agency, or trade as a Super Bowl level change. So if the Eagles want to give Jalen Hurts a second season as starter, and draft four starting players in the first two rounds, I’m good with that. If they decide they love a QB in this draft and pick them with one of those four picks, I’m also okay with that, as it would free up Hurts as a potential trade chip too. And if they somehow do bring in a veteran upgrade on Hurts? No complaints here. To be blunt now, with the elite options off the board, the Eagles aren’t going to be big contenders in the NFC, let alone for the Super Bowl, not unless whoever the QB is does much better than the last two seasons. That’s just not likely. So there’s no point being too hung up on it.

Until tomorrow…

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