3/14 Workflow

Happy-ish Tuesday. I’m coming off a quieter weekend than the last one. Saturday night I went down to Aria and Paris for drinks. Sunday night I took a long walk down “the strip” to Strat. I stopped at Tacos Mexico for dinner. I managed to hit the gym a couple of times. I spent this morning getting a new rental car, which was fun. Work is also very busy this week. Lots of meetings and attention from out of town. But hey, it’s going to be 80 degrees and sunny today. Let me live.

Get ready for some very positive Phillies spin here. Unlike many people you read on the internet, I think they’re a borderline playoff team as is, and probably a playoff team after they (inevitably) make a big splash signing this week. The 82-80 of last had four positions play terrible all year, one where an injury cut short a 40 home run type season, and at least one more that was solid but not up to expectations. They finished with the bullpen throwing a start every time through the rotation, Kyle Gibson reverting to the mean, and Aaron Nola completely lost. Oh, and that bullpen… yeah.

With the exception of Harper, Wheeler, and Suarez, virtually everyone has a decent chance of being better in 2022. And with those three, does anyone expect them to turn into stiffs? With all of that in mind, and understanding that they routinely spend in the top fifth of the sport, they will add a big bat this week. Right now I have the Braves, Brewers, and Dodgers winning the NL Divisions, with the Phillies, Mets, Cardinals, Giants, and Padres hanging around for the three Wild Cards. A good signing should tip things in the Phillies favor.

Remember Covid-19? Numbers are down to a trickle again. Oil at $130 a barrel? It’s under $100 again. Are you hearing these stories? Not really. Are you seeing gas prices fall? No. Hearing about how we survived the worst of Covid? No. And it’s political malpractice. I’m not saying have Biden land a fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier with a huge “mission accomplished” banner, but I’m also not saying not to…

Until tomorrow…

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