You Mean Vince McMahon Had An Affair? The Horror…

There are some people who you know are not pillars of moral example, and Vince McMahon is one of them. The WWE (formerly WWF) owner made his money selling you fake wrestling as entertainment. We allegedly know (make of that what you will) that they encouraged steroid use among the talent. CTE is a problem their performers deal with. They had evening gown matches between women, had one of their biggest stars drink beer on the show, and had McMahon himself speak of his sexual prowess on the air, often. If you watched pro wrestling for moral guidance, that’s probably worse than if you thought it was real.

You’ll be shocked to find out that the WWE CEO that once had a storyline about having an illegitimate midget child has apparently had an extramarital affair with an employee and paid her off to sign an NDA. I know, you’re shocked. Setting aside that adultery and sleeping with employees aren’t good things, what’s the story here? According to the reports the affair was between consenting adults and McMahon paid her out of his own money, not company money. Their is no accusation of any crime there, just poor judgment. Of course the Deadspin article suggests that McMahon will have to sell the company. Why exactly? This is certainly not good behavior that we applaud, but it’s neither criminal or overly shocking. A guy that made millions on smut happened to also be a womanizer and adulterer? I’m failing to see something here.

There is a solution to behavior you object to- don’t buy from the people going it. Just as I thought Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was not our concern, I don’t really see the story here, unless there is more to it. If McMahon used his power and authority to force her into something, or to create a hostile work environment, you’re in different territory. If he just had an affair, as the accusations read, so what?

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