Yes, Juneteenth is Worth Celebrating for Everyone

Across America on Sunday millions of people celebrated Father’s Day. For the second year in our history we also recognized Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday. Both holidays just happened to fall on the same day this year. For some, that apparently put them in competition.

As I watched sports teams, politicians, and companies put social media posts up about Juneteenth and Father’s Day on Sunday, I noticed a trend in the Juneteenth comments- people complaining that “it was Father’s Day,” and that’s all that should have been acknowledged. Why? Was there any reason to not celebrate both? Was there any reason to not be able to acknowledge two great things at once?

Juneteenth is a holiday we should have been celebrating for over 150 years at this point. The end of slavery, arguably the worst thing America has ever done, is worth celebrating for all of us. That the good guys won the Civil War and ended the “peculiar institution” in the South is a good thing. If it happens to fall on the same day as the day we picked to celebrate the great men that made our lives possible, good. There’s no reason to not be happy about both.

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