To Hell With The Experts

I have friends who will sometimes say they could hit a major league fastball. They can’t. They’re no less stupid than people who think they know better about educating kids than teachers, or treating illnesses better than doctors, or act as their own lawyer. Different jobs take different skills, talents, and educations. I don’t want my barber doing open heart surgery on me, but I do want them cutting my hair. You know what you know.

Being an expert isn’t cool with a lot of people these days. Knowledge is no longer respected. For many people, being ignorant is fine. That would be ok with me, but they have moved on to ignorant and opinionated on things they don’t know. Scientists, teachers, or really anyone with expertise is accused of “looking down” on regular people when they state things they are experts on knowing. Respect for study is gone, replaced with edgelords armed with Google searches.

We just lived through four years electing an amateur, ignoramus President who felt he knew better than the “experts.” We all ended up locked in our houses, his supposedly strong economy collapsed, and over a million dead, while the national debt soared. Almost half the country still hasn’t put two and two together that the current inflation situation is a direct derivative of Covid destroying our economy. Sure, he managed to not get everyone killed for three years, but the term was four. Now, ironically he may be in major legal trouble NOT because he’s the awful guy/master manipulator criminal that many Democrats spent four years saying, but because he was an idiot that took documents home with him when they weren’t his. By the way, despite what you saw on the internet, Barack Obama did not do that. The job was simply too hard for Donald, because he came from a totally different professional world.

You may recall that knowing nothing and having strong opinions is not a new thing, just the popularity of it is. Tonight, a certain woman from Alaska who really got this ball rolling is expected to be elected to the United States House. Yes, that would be Sarah Palin, arriving back in our politics just in time to weigh in on issues she knows nothing about, like CRT (not being taught in our schools), Russia (she lives near it, you know?), Monkeypox (facepalm), and FBI search warrants. Seriously, she’s going to be back. Like tonight. And she looks totally sane next to today’s GOP. For real.

RIP expertise: The Big Bang-2022.

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