MLB Playoff Predictions- Wild Card Round

Quick and dirty here- these are my predictions for this weekend.

AL Series- Rays @ Guardians- This series is going to have a lot of people picking the road team. They come from the better division, they’ve been here the past few years. And they’re going to lose here in three games, taking game two only.

AL Series- Mariners @ Blue Jays- This series is really even on paper. Seattle played really well down the stretch. Toronto is a cut above though. I see Toronto winning this series in three games, the first and third.

NL Series- Padres @ Mets- You know how bad I want to pick the Mets to lose this, right? And there’s a case. San Diego has a great pitching staff. Scherzer is iffy in the playoffs. Soto and Machado are monsters. The Mets lineup had a good year, but it isn’t their strongest suit. I’m not going to pick a 100 win team to lose in the first round though. Their starting pitching will give them two great performances and their bullpen will hold their leads. Mets win games two and three.

NL Series- Phillies @ Cardinals- You know how bad I want to pick the Phillies, right? They’re on the road though, against the team of destiny in the second half. I’m not sure anyone scores in game one, since neither pitcher gave up anything to the other team this year. I’ll give St. Louis that one. I think Nola gets it done in game two though for the Phillies. Game three is basically a crapshoot, but I’m picking my Phillies to avenge 2011 and get the win here.

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