No, “Corporate Communism” is not a Thing.

You know, there’s nothing worse than having to explain “oxymorons” to the world when the example comes from the social media post of an actual moron- because even some modestly smart people are going to get confused. Hence, this is life in the world of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s political reality. We’re supposed to treat posts about “Corporate Communism” like they have some sort of merit and are good faith, thoughtful political positions. In reality, they definitely are not.

Let’s start from a basic college political science or economics class lesson- in communism there are no corporations. Period. I can’t believe a member of Congress doesn’t get that, but having an even low-average IQ is not a requirement to enter Congress. What MTG might have meant here is “corporate censorship” is bad, and it is, but it’s highly questionable that this is an example of that. The main point here is that this person is a member of our governing body, but is this stupid.

Perhaps more troubling is that her supporters will think she’s right. Folks, corporations have one reason to exist- making money. If they are refusing to advertise on an outlet, or are aligning with political positions, it is because that’s what the market wants. They don’t take political positions to feel good, that is almost always a mistake. They decide to not align with outlets and personalities because they are bad for the bottom line. In this case that MTG is complaining about, it is clear that corporations are choosing to avoid Elon’s Twitter because they believe (correct or not) that his decision to allow “objectionable” figures and speech on Twitter is bad for their business. This is literally how decisions are supposed to be made in free market capitalism. If they’re wrong in six months, they’ll run back to him, guaranteed, and then you’ll hear liberal whining. Calling this “communism” though, when it is textbook capitalism, is dumb. Being one of the human turnips that agrees with that statement is probably worse though.


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