After the debate…

Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate is over, thankfully. The Biden-Harris ticket went in with a healthy lead, and Senator Harris did nothing to cost that lead. Mike Pence tried to bully the rules like his boss did, and indeed he ran right over the time limits. Pence was able to stay on message and hit his buzzwords, albeit at a cost to the truth. If Pence was better than his boss, it was in the same way that a veteran boxer can hang in a fight where he is out matched. Kamala Harris made her point and looked the part of the next Vice-President. Nothing changed though in this match-up.

The biggest significance of this is pretty straight forward- with Trump still positive with Covid, there may not be any more debates. While both sides are still in agreement on a 10/22 debate in person, anything could change at this point.

Senator Harris, a Senator for just four years, needed to show she was up to the job. She did that and more. She prosecuted the case against the Trump administration, spoke directly to America, and showed her competence. Mission accomplished.

More later…



What to even say? The spectacle we saw at Walter Reed and the White House last night was remarkable. A man who went to the hospital with Covid on Friday, and the doctors say “isn’t out of the woods yet,” tweets at us “don’t be afraid of Covid.” This morning he tweets that the flu is more lethal than Covid, directly contradicting his own words on tape to Bob Woodward. His first act when landing at the White House last night? Taking off his mask and filming a video. He’s even had a tweet removed from Twitter since getting home. This man is a full on embarrassment. The fact that he plans to begin campaigning soon is very telling of his priorities. None of them are good.

So, the state of the race… Biden up big. The NBC/WSJ poll over the weekend putting him up 14% looked like an outlier until the new polls came out. RCP has added a CNN poll showing Biden up 16% and a JTN/RMG poll showing him up 8%. The CNBC poll showing him up 13% late last week is also in there. RCP has the race at 9.1% for Biden, and he consistently hits right around 50%. Biden’s lead is 3.8% higher than Hillary’s at this point four years ago. Over at 538, Biden is up 8.8%, sitting at over 51% on average. They give Biden a 6.3% lead in PA, a 3.6% lead in Florida, a 6.9% lead in Wisconsin, a 2% lead in North Carolina, a 7.2% lead in Michigan, a 4.4% lead in Arizona, and a .4% lead in Ohio. If the election were held today, it would be a 1980 level blowout, and it sort of is (early voting and vote by mail).

Tomorrow is the VP debate. I actually am not as bullish on this as most Democrats. I think Kamala will do great, but expectations are simply too high. Frankly, I’m also worried that these covidiots could get her sick.

Let’s see what buffoonery today holds…