About Me, Again

Do you remember life before the internet?

From a purely technical standpoint, no. The internet existed in 1983. Most of us just weren’t on it then. Prodigy and America Online started to become a thing when I was a child, and really took off. They kind of hit their pinnacle when I was a teen, and then were gradually replaced by the “search engine period.” Today, obviously everyone is online all the time with smartphones. Basically the internet is now ever present.

I think what this question really is- were you around before people lived their whole lives online? When kids didn’t grow up with smartphones, when you couldn’t look up literally anything in a few seconds, when you called friends instead of texting or messaging, pre-social media, etc. The answer to that question is yes.

About Me, pt.2

What is your favorite restaurant?

Well this is hard… do I want a cheesesteak? Italian? Chinese food? Seafood? Mexican? My mood swings a lot. My favorite food does too.

Locally I’d say the Vineyard and Terry’s are my favorite Italian places. Daddy’s Place in Easton is my favorite for Lebanese/Mediterranean food. Sette Luna in downtown Easton is a great place for a Mediterranean/Italian experience. Tacos y Tequila is my go to for Mexican. Pat’s Steaks is my go to for a cheesesteak. Honeygrow is another Philly favorite. For some New Orleans style food here in Easton, Two Rivers and Bayou are great. Oak makes a great steak. I’m for any seafood.

I’m never above Bojangles or KFC.

Questions About Me, pt.1

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

Recently, it’s been drinking less alcohol and way more water. I’m not interested in absolutely quitting alcohol, but I’m trying to limit the number of days I consume it per week. On the other side of this, I never drank much water until the last couple of years, and even then it was sporadic. I’m now drinking 50 glasses per week, up from 40 last month, and I will continue to increase that. One thing that recently increased my concern with drinking water was word that one of the physical issues Senator Fetterman was suffering from was dehydration, which got him hospitalized. I’m only a few years younger than him and would prefer to avoid that.

Longer term, the biggest change I made was empathizing with people not like me. Born a middle class, straight, white man, I needed to realize many people experience very different things in life, and those experiences are every bit as valuable to society as a whole. The more people matter, the better off we all are.