MLB Divisional Series Prediction

Playoff baseball returns to South Philly.

Time for the divisional round predictions, beginning in the AL.

Astros over the Mariners in four. This series ended up being harder to predict than I thought. On paper? Astros in three. Their roster is simply good enough that they should go to a sixth straight ALCS three games from now. They dominated the head-to-head with Seattle and had the best record in the league. However I just watched Seattle win the most impressive series of the Wild Card round. They make you earn all 27 outs. I’ve also seen Verlander lose some big ones over the years. The Mariners are a hot team. Even still, Houston is the favorite. Seattle takes game three at home, their first home playoff game in 21 years. Houston wins the other three.

Yankees over Guardians in five. Can you say “best series of the round?” The Guardians finished the season really well. Their pitching just dominated Tampa. I’m surprised we’re here, but this series is going to be good. The Yankees are better than the Rays though. Their offense is simply not getting shut down like that. I maintain the first four months of the season aren’t the fraud, August is. The Yankees showed me enough to believe during September, and I think they pull this out. It goes back and forth, Yanks win the odd games.

Dodgers over the Padres in four. The Padres roll in on fire. They beat a 101 team to get here. Their pitching is fire. They got timely hits. They also went 5-14 against LA this year. The Dodgers had the best record in the sport, easily. The Padres pitching will win them a game, I’ll say game two. Dodgers win the rest.

Braves over the Phillies in five. I have to pick my team, right? No. The Braves are the best team in baseball right now. They know how to win in October. They’re better at six out of nine positions in the line-up. They have a better bullpen, particularly with David Robertson out. And their pitching is lined up. I’d give the Phillies a slight edge in the postseason rotation, but that edge could grow if Strider can’t give them a real start Friday. I think the Phillies win games two and four, but not getting two starts from either ace is the difference here.

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